TN Legislature Named Most Conservative

Acquire DigitalNews

The Tennessee Legislature was honored by the American Conservative Union last week when it was named the most conservative legislature in the nation.

All legislatures, whether they are controlled by a Democrat or Republican majority, were considered, and Tennessee came out on top, being recognized for its fiscal responsibility, economic growth, record for cutting taxes, and efforts to bring new business to the state.

This is a remarkable honor for the state as a whole and for the members of the Tennessee General Assembly, as they have endeavored to bring stability and prosperity to the state with responsible and thoughtfully examined legislation.

It has not always been easy. Fiscal responsibility and the demand that they have placed on themselves to have a balanced budget and to put surplus funds in the “Rainy Day Fund” has sometimes been difficult and unpopular, but the legislators have held themselves to a high standard so that they could, as Lt Governor Ron Ramsey said “leave the state better than we found it.”

The work they have done has resulted in an unprecedented surplus this year, the ability to distribute those funds toward the development of the state in a thoughtful manner, and now an award recognizing the things the legislature and the constituents have done to make the great State of Tennessee a little greater. Well done, Volunteer State.